At the time of writing, it is uncertain when exactly the Committee Stage for the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill is likely to begin. Some say end of October, others say after Parliamentary recess in middle of November. What we do know is that this stage of the bill process has been scheduled to take place over eight days. That could take the form of one or two days per week, until the eight day period has concluded.

A Committee of the Whole House is being convened given the constitutional significance of the bill. This means all MPs will have the opportunity to share their views on the bill. It is at this stage that MPs will be able to submit and debate amendments to the bill.

Amendments are selected the day before their ‘group’ is scheduled to be debated. While this means we cannot know for certain which amendments are will be tabled, the Alliance will be doing work to identify amendments that are very likely to be debated, for example, those that have cross party support and a high number of signatures, which would indicate they will likely be selected for debate.

Malene Bratlie