It’s officially confirmed that the EU (Withdrawal) Bill will not be discussed in the House of Commons in the next 7 days. There is speculation that this will now not happen until after Parliamentary recess in mid November.  

The Bill has sparked controversy across the political spectrum and civil society. The number of amendments that have been made (over 300 to date and rising), many with cross-party support, should come as no surprise. Amendments to the bill include areas that have been of particular concern to the alliance, such as more limits on delegated powers, greater parliamentary scrutiny and ensuring that individual rights and protections are still in place after Brexit.

Alliance members have been at the heart of advocating improvements to the bill and will continue to help shape and inform on appropriate amendments. At best the delay may allow the government some time to reflect on how best to proceed in terms of parliamentary process, and amend key bits of the legislation. However there are growing concerns about the government running out of time to have “all ducks in a row” for March 2019. On that note expect Committee Stage to start anytime after Wednesday November 15th, with an outside chance that could be  Tuesday 31st October or November 1st.

Malene Bratlie